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Welcome to the Heart of Financial Wisdom, Business Growth, and Empowerment!

Greetings, I'm Tinisha! With over 15 years of expertise as an Independent Insurance, Retirement & Benefits Advisor including Business Consulting and Development, I've charted a course of excellence and integrity in the financial and business realms. My approach is unique, blending professionalism, clarity, faith, and client-centric strategies for sustainable growth and security across generations.


"Blending Faith with Financial and Business Acumen for a Prosperous Future!"


Creating Financial Prosperity & Protection for
Women, Families, Retirees, Communities, Businesses and Organizations.

Dedicated Motivator, Industry Expert, Visionary Leader, Empowering Coach, Impactful Speaker

My story starts with simple beginnings helping my own family with their financial "business", learning from my upbringing and evolving through my love for helping others, finances, education, public speaking and community involvement. These experiences shaped my understanding of financial and business acumen, highlighting the importance of informed decision-making. Witnessing both success and hardship in financial matters has been a pivotal influence, steering me towards a path of providing enlightened guidance and resources. I believe in doing finances "Different" with a focus on the client, creative options and honesty. 

Igniting the Flame: My Quest for Empowerment

Today, with a rich educational background including a BA in Psychology, Masters in Education, and various financial and coaching certifications, I'm equipped to lead change. As the founder of  Remedy Insurance & Financial and the "Wise & Faithful Finances Movement," my mission extends to business consulting, growth, and development, particularly for women, retirees, families, and organizations.

The Emergence of My Faith, Finance, and Business Movement

My extensive experience in various sectors, including social services and education, compliments my passion for business consulting and motivational speaking. Recognizing the needs of the market, especially for underserved groups like women and faith-based organizations, I've dedicated myself to offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize client interests. Through initiatives like "Your Empowered Financial Moment" and various workshops and seminars, I've empowered numerous individuals, faith organizations, women, families and businesses in their journey towards financial stability, prosperity, protection, and excellence.

Championing a New Era in Financial and Business Services

In an era where clarity, diversity, and integrity are more valued than ever in financial and business services, I stand as a beacon of positive change.

Balancing my professional endeavors, my life is deeply rooted in faith and family, constantly guiding me towards my purpose.

I am Tinisha, committed to making a significant difference with purpose and faith leading the way.

Excited to connect and embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with you!

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