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I am a 15+ Year Independent Insurance, Retirement & Benefits Advisor,  Agency Owner, Broker, Public Speaker and Educator. I believe in doing Insurance & Financial Services "Different" with a focus on Integrity, Clarity, Faith, Professionalism, Client Centered Protections & Safe Proven Growth for Generations. 

"Let's Sprinkle A Little Faith On It & Get Our Financial Homes In Order"

Improving the Financial Today & Tomorrow of Generations.
Motivator    Expert    Leader   Entrepreneur

I remember my grandparents putting their mail in a shoe box so that when I arrived on the weekends I could check on "their business" (social security, medicare, medicaid, finances, insurance etc) and make sure they had what they needed.  These were the same grandparents who sparked my love of public speaking through the memorization of Easter Speeches and church involvement. As I grew older, I witnessed the results of good financial decision making as well as that often suffered due to a "lack of knowledge" and resources by many within our community.  It has been painful yet MOTIVATING to see Hard Working people suffer due to improper or lack of proper financial advice.  Little did I know that God had a plan. 

The Fire Within to Better The Lives of Others Was Lit!

Fast forward many years and I have obtained the knowledge and experience to make a difference.  I hold a BA in Psychology, Masters of Education, Master Financial Coach, Certified Financial Educator, Public Speaker, Certified Estate Planner and Investment Representative Candidate. I'm a Licensed Insurance & Financial Broker and Owner of THE Remedy Insurance & Financial Agency an Independent Insurance, Retirement & Benefits Brokerage. In addition, I am the Founder of the "Wise & Faithful Finances Movement" and member of several professional, cultural, faith & financial organizations all geared toward betterment for families, retirees, women entrepreneurs and small business.  

The Birth of My Faith & Financial Movement


My career experience has spanned Social Services, Mental Health, Education, Real Estate and Finances. I've always helped others and now the love of human services and business has combined for a career I am blessed to have.  Once I started in the industry I recognized the need to serve Families, Faith Based Organization & Entrepreneurs and the Retirement Population that was near and dear to my heart.  I was not comfortable with the systems and processes I witnessed and was expected to follow at many financial institutions.  They often put the financial gain of the company ahead of the betterment of the client. I have assisted too many great people who were not told the pros and cons of the financial decisions before them.  I committed to do Business Different and opened the doors to my first office. At the beginning of my career I began a Financial segment "Your Empowered Financial Moment" on our local Gospel Radio station and the rest is history.  There was an interest in the knowledge I was providing.  Over the last 15+ years I have assisted many with obtaining the right Insurance, Retirement & Benefits for their unique situations. I've been honored to do Public Speaking, Conduct Workshops, Seminars and Educate across several states.  As an advisor, I have sat at countless kitchen tables, couches, on phone calls and video meetings to ensure the best scenario for my clients. I wouldn't change a minute of the experiences I have had and look to be an even bigger Blessing going forward as I continue to service families and teach other financial professionals to do the same.


The need for Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, Choice and Security in the Insurance and Financial Services arena is larger now than ever. 

Oh and in case you were wondering, my warm and fuzzy time is spent with My Faith and Family (My Reasons Why).  

God is Faithful & I AM PURPOSED to make a positive difference.

I look forward to speaking with you Soon.

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